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Fat Loss Supplement That Works : The Benefits of Yogurt

Did you notice that the yogurt section of most grocery stores practically took the dairy hall? It is getting harder to find more traditional dairy foods such as cottage cheese and sour cream in the middle of the sea of ​​yogurt options. But it only makes sense that a food with so many health benefits as yogurt receive master homes in the supermarket.

And only what are the health benefits of yogurt?

First, your body needs to have a healthy amount of "good" bacteria in the digestive tract, and many yogurts are made using active and good bacteria. One of the words you will hear more about yogurt is "probiotics". "Probiotic, which literally means" for life, "refers to living organisms that can result in a health benefit when consumed in appropriate quantities..

Miguel Freitas, PhD, Medical Marketing Manager for Dannon Co., says that the benefits associated with probiotics are specific to certain strains of these "good" bacteria. Many provide their benefits by adjusting microflora (the natural balance of organisms) in the intestines, or acting directly in the functions of the body, such as digestion or immunological function. (Keep in mind that the only yogurts containing probiotics are those who say "living and active cultures" on the label.)

And let's not forget that the yogurt comes from milk. In order for yogurt eaters to also obtain a dose of animal protein (about 9 grams per service of 6 ounces), in addition to several other nutrients found in dairy foods such as calcium, vitamin B-2, B-12, potassium and magnesium .

. Actually, the benefits for Yogurt's health are so impressive that many health conscious people do this a daily habit. Here are five possible health benefits of having a yogurt per day:

Greek Yogurt For Fat Loss - The Benefits of Yogurt

Greek Yogurt For Fat Loss
Benefit # 1: Yogurt can help prevent osteoporosis

"Adequate nutrition plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, and the micronutrients of the utmost importance are calcium and vitamin D," says Jeri Nieves, PhD, MS, director of bone density tests at the New York Helen . Hayes Hospital.

. Calcium has demonstrated to have beneficial effects on bone mass in people of all ages, although the results are not always consistent, says Nieves, also an assistant professor of clinical epidemiology at Columbia University.

The Benefits Of Yogurt

'' The combination of calcium and vitamin D has a clear skeletal benefit, provided that the dose of vitamin D is sufficiently high, "she adds.

and what qualifies as '' high enough? ''

Currently, 400 Ui per day is considered an adequate intake of vitamin D for people aged 51-70, says Nieves. (Look for the daily value of the value listed on food labels.) But more can be better.

'This amount is likely to be sufficient for most young adults for skeletal health, although many argumentassem that for overall health, more than 400 IU may be necessary, even in these younger ages, "Nieves said in a email interview.

Nieves specifically believes that the elderly can benefit from vitamin D.

Many dairy products, including some yogurts are made with added vitamin D. Find out which brands have added vitamin D, checking the table below, and reading labels when you shop. P> . Benefit No 2: Yogurt can reduce high pressure risk A recent study, which followed more than 5,000 Graduates from the Spanish University for about two years, has found a link between dairy intake and the risk of high blood pressure.

'' We observed a 50% reduction in the risk of developing high blood pressure between people by eating 2-3 portions of low fat dairy per day (or more), compared to those without any intake, "Alvaro Alonso, MD, PhD, researcher at the Department of Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health, said in an e-mail interview.

Although most low fat dairy consumed by the subjects of the study were like milk, Alvaro believes that low fat yogurt would probably have the same effect.

Benefit # 3: Yogurt with active cultures helps the intestine

Yogurt with active cultures can help certain gastrointestinal conditions, including:

  • Lactose intolerance
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Cancer
  • Intestinal inflammatory disease
  • h. Pylori infection
  • This is what researchers at the Human Nutrition Research Center of Agriculture's Department of Agriculture of Agriculture in the Aging Tufts University concluded in a new review article.

    Benefits are considered due to:

  • Changes in Intestine Microflora
  • Time food takes to pass through the intestine
  • Immune body enhancement
  • A recent Taiwanese study analyzed the effects of yogurt containing lactobacillus and bifidobacterium in 138 people with persistent H. pylori infections.

    The researchers found that yogurt improved the effectiveness of four drug therapy.

    h. Pylori is a kind of bacteria that can cause infection in the stomach and top of the small intestine. It can lead to ulcers and can increase the risk of developing stomach cancer.

    Benefit # 4: Yogurt with active cultures can discourage vaginal infections

    . Candida or "yeast" Vaginal infections are a common problem for women with diabetes. In a small study, seven diabetic women with chronic chronic vaginitis consumed 6 ounces of nursing yogurt frozen per day (with or without active cultures).

    Although most women had a bad blood sugar control across the study, the vaginal pH (acidity or basicity measure) of the group eating yogurt with active crops fell from 6.0 to 4.0 (normal pH is 4, 0-4.5). These women also reported a decrease in Candidas infections. Women who eat yogurt without active cultures remained pH 6.0.

    Benefit # 5: Yogurt can help you feel fuller A study from the University of Washington in Seattle tested hunger, fullness and calories eaten at the next meal in 16 men and 16 women who had a 200 calorie snack. The snack was:

  • Semi-solid yogurt containing pieces of peach and eaten with a spoon
  • The same yogurt in drinking form
  • A Latricínean Drink with Peach Flavor
  • Peach juice
  • Although those who had yogurt snacks do not eat less calories at the next meal, both types of yogurt resulted in lower hunger rankings and more fullness rankings than any of the other snacks.

    10 tips for buying and eating yogurt

    Here are 10 things to consider when buying and eating yogurt.

    2. Choose your sweetener

    The other decision is if you want artificial sweeteners (which are used in most yogurts' "light" or if you are well with most calories coming from sugar. If you are sensitive to posterstaste, you may want Avoid light yogurts. If you do not care Nutrasweet, there are many light yogurts to choose from, and all the very good taste.

    3. Look for active and probiotic cultures

    To ensure that your yogurt contains active crops, check the label. Most brands will have a chart that says "living and active cultures". '

    If you want to know what specific active cultures your yogurt contains, look at the label again. Under the list of ingredients, many brands list specific active cultures. For Activia by Dannon, for example, L.Bulgaricus, S.Termophilus and Bifidobacterium are listed. This particular yogurt contains regular bifidus probiotic culture, which works to regulate your digestive system. So if constipation is your challenge, this can be the probiotic for you.

    4. Team yogurt with flaxed

    Get the habit of tinkering a spoonful of flaxed soup each time you reach a yogurt. A tablespoon of ground linseed will add almost 3 grams of fiber and approximately 2 grams of omega-3s healthy plant, according to the product label in the golden brand golden golden gold.

    5. Search for vitamin D

    When enjoying calcium rich yogurt, why not choose one that also increases your vitamin D intake? Some brands list 0% of the daily value for vitamin D; Others have 20%. (See table above.)

    6. Make yogurt part of the perfect snack

    Make the perfect snack pairing high protein yogurt with a high fiber food, such as fruits (fresh or frozen) and / or a high fiber breakfast cereal. You can find many lower sugar breakfast cereals with 4 or more fiber grams per portion.

    7. Whip a Smoothie cream with yogurt

    Make your creamy and thick smoothie by adding yogurt instead of ice cream or frozen yogurt. The glass for cup, light and low fat yogurt is higher in protein and calcium than light ice cream. It is also generally smaller than fat, saturated fat and calories.

    8. Customize your yogurt

    If you want to create your own flavored yogurt, start with your favorite yogurt and mix all kinds of foods and flavors. Here are some ideas:

    • Add chopped strawberries (1/4 cup) and 1/8 teaspoon of vanilla extract for 6 ounces of simple yogurt to make strawberries and cream yogurt.
    • Add canned pineapple canned (1/8 cup) and a tablespoon of flocked coconut or shredded to 6 ounces of simple yogurt to make pina glued yogurt.
    • Add 1 tablespoon of fresh or extra-strong espresso and 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup to 6 ounces of simple yogurt to make Mochaccino yogurt.
    • Add 1/4 Cup of cut orange segments or mandarine oranges and 1 tablespoon marmalade orange sugar reduced to 6 ounces of simple yogurt to make the orange explosion yogurt.
    9. Eat yogurt at work

    Buy a bit of yogurt and keep it in the office refrigerator (be sure to put your name on it). In those days when you need a morning snack or afternoon, this yogurt will be ready for you.

    10. Use yogurt in recipes

    yogurt functions as a substitute ingredient in all types of revenue. Simple yogurt can take the sour cream place on a pinch (on roasted or stalled potatoes of garnishing). You can also replace a complementary yogurt flavor for some oil or butter orders on a muffin, brownie or cake recipe. You can replace all fat called in cake mixes as well.


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