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Fertility Supplement Looks Promising - Premier Fat Loss Idaho Falls

Fertilityblend - a mixture of herbs, vitamins and minerals - seems promising to help women become pregnant without the risk of multiple births.

fertilityblend is already available in Europe. Studies there in the main ingredient, Chabeberry, have suggested that it helps to restore the balance of hormone levels - progesterone, specifically - and improve fertility, writes Línn M. Westphal, MD researcher with the Department of Gynecology / Obstetrics of Stanford University Medical school. She presented study results at the Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association.

Researchers cite multiple studies by linking fertility fertility components.

This new fertility mix includes:

  • Chasteberry - an herb shown to restore progesterone balance and increase pregnancy rates in European studies
  • Folic acid - a vitamin that helps prevent congenital defects
  • Green tea and vitamin E - antioxidants that can promote good -I'm reproductive to neutralize damage to eggs and reproductive bodies of caffeine, drugs and alcohol
  • L-arginine - an amino acid that helps improve circulation to reproductive bodies, which can improve egg development and implementation Embryos
  • Vitamins B-6 and B-12, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc - which demonstrated improving female fertility.

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Unlike fertility drugs, fertilityblend decreases the risk of multiple fetuses, writes Westphal.

"fertilityblend can improve reproductive health as an integral part of a general healthy lifestyle," she says in a press release. "This seems to be a very reasonable alternative, and I would recommend to my patients."

One of the researchers of the study is the research and development director of the Wellness Co., which manufactures fertilityblend.

Fertility Supplement Looks Promising

More than a third has become pregnant in your study, researchers enrolled 30 women who have tried unsuccessfully - by Six to 36 months - to conceive. Half of the group received fertilityblend for six months. The other 15 women got a placebo. Neither researchers nor participants were aware of what treatment women received.

Three months later, the supplement group increased progesterone levels, which can affect baseline body temperature levels - and ultimately fertility. In addition, there was a significant increase in the average number of days with ideal baseline temperatures, suggesting an increase in cycles with ovulation.

The placebo group showed no remarkable change.

After five months, five of the 15 women leading to fertility were pregnant, compared to any of the women in the placebo group.

It can be something for it A number of search centers are analyzing alternatives for fertility drugs, including antioxidants . A study financed by NIH at Emory University is looking at vitamins and and c at endometriosis, says Celia E. Dominguez, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist in the center of reproductive medicine at Emory University.

"We have seen decreases in pain scores, and it seems there may be some improvement in pregnancy rates," says WebMD. "These vitamins can help reduce inflammatory processes that can prevent the egg and sperm to join."

she would like more gold standard studies such as Westphal, which support the use of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins as a "fertility drug" for women , says Dominguez.

"All these companies are trying to climb with their own small chemistry, the best combination to improve the possibility of egg and sperm finding and fertilization possibility" , she tells WebMD. "But which combination is more effective, this is the question." A study that looks at fertilityblend formulated for men is in progress to determine its effect on concentration and sperm mobility, according to the researchers .

Fertility Supplements: What Supplements Should You Take if You Are Trying To Get Pregnant? - Best Fat Loss Supplement Gnc

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet