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Just a Little Weightlifting Can Help Your Heart - Best Muscle Gain Fat Loss Diet

by maureen salamon

health reporter

Weightlifting For Fat Loss - Just a Little Weightlifting Can Help Your Heart

Weightlifting For Fat Loss

Just A Little Weightlifting Can Help Your Heart

"People know that race or cardio exercise is good for the cardiovascular system, but there are benefits of weightlifting in the heart that were not [earlier] well studied," added Lee.

Published separately, Lee and his colleagues discovered that less than an hour of weightlifting per week also reduced the risk of high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions linked to diabetes. These reports are in Mayo Clinic processes.

for the study of the heart and stroke, the researchers studied almost 12,600 participants (mean age 47) who had suffered at least two clinical exams between 1987 and 2006. Self-reported participants reported their levels Resistance exercise, and accompaniments were made about five and 10 years later.

The results indicated that the benefits of resistance exercise in heart risk and stroke were independent of aerobic exercises, such as walking or running, Lee said.

Compared to participants who did no resistance exercise, those who participated from one to three times and up to 59 minutes throughout the week experienced a risk reduction of up to 70%.

"I would advise my patients who [research] is very open and suggests that the exercise of strength is definitely a good thing in general and can have more powerful benefits than previously thought," said Gitig, also an assistant teacher Medicine at ICAHN Medicine School on Mount Sinai in New York.

What if you do not have access to free weights or weight training machines? Cavando in the yard and dragging heavy shopping bags provide strength training benefits, too, Lee noticed.

The study was published online recently in the magazine's medicine

1 Minute Exercise That Predicts Your Risk of Heart Disease- Harvard Study of 1,000 Men - Weightlifting For Fat Loss

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