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Lose Weight With Morning Exercise

There is no way to get around: Lose weight and keep it, you need to exercise. But a few days that hardly seem possible. Our days are already overbooked already! However, experts agree - exercise should become part of your daily overall lifestyle. And starting the morning with exercise is the best habit of all.

"The key is to exercise whenever you can - whether morning, afternoon or night," says Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, the main physiologist exercise of the American exercise council. "Your goal is to move your body as much as possible."

But when starting your morning with physical activity, you define the pace of the day, says Bryant. "The practitioners in the morning tend to stay with your exercise habit," he says. "By doing most exercise for the first time, you get your exercise before other distractions can intrude. We can all relate to this - because once the day goes, it's hard to get out of the treadmill called life."

Good Exercise For Weight Loss - Lose Weight With Morning Exercise

Good Exercise For Weight Loss
The case for morning exercise

The search suggests that morning exercise improves sleep, one benefit that could also promote weight loss, Bryant tells WebMD. A study of overweight women between the ages of 50 to 75 showed that those who got involved in consistent morning exercises (about four hours a week) slept better than those who exercised less. The night exercisers had more problems falling asleep - even if they fit in four hours a week.

Lose Weight With Morning Exercise

Bryant explains the sleep connection and weight loss: "We know that if you have poor quality sleep, it influences certain hormones that control appetite. It is possible that when you exercise in the morning - instead of the night - Exercise affects the circadian rhythm of the body (your internal body watch) so you get a better quality sleep. Good sleep helps control the hormonal balance that helps control appetite. "

exercise Quick (one hour or more daily) helped more than 4,000 "success losers" in the National Weight Control Registry - all lost 30 pounds or more and kept for a year or more. Many of them break exercise on shorter outbreaks throughout the day instead of making a single marathon training session.

"Think of your morning exercise as a business consultation - one that you can not easily cancel" says Foster, PhD, clinical director of the weight program and eating disorders at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. "It takes discipline. But if you're overweight, you're at risk for a heart attack. If you do not do something about your weight, it's indirect indigenous behavior. It's the same as smoking a packet of cigarettes daily. This has to be the highest priority because it is your health. "

Working exercise in your life

One way to exercise a daily habit is to integrate your workout into your normal life, says Walter Thompson, PhD, Professor of Exercise Physiology At Georgia State University in Atlanta. Physical activity - not just exercise by itself - can become part of your daily routine, Thompson account WebMD. "People think they have to tie the shoes and run a marathon to call exercise. I'll talk more about the integration of physical activity into your daily lifestyle."

Your advice: "When you go to the mall, the grocery store, the office, park your car as far as possible from the front door. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. These are habits that you can Accustom. They will become common practical. "

Structured physical activity is also important. Walking, Yoga, Raising Weights, Cycling, Running and Swimming - Everything could be a choice of morning exercise. Here is an estimate of the average calorie burning potential from 30 minutes of exercise:

vigorous exercise running or jogging (5 mph) = 295 calories cycling (10 mph or more) = 195 caloriesswimming ( Laps of slow-style slow) = 255 warmthailorobics = 240 calories basketball = 220 calories

Moderate exercise walking (3.5 miles mph) = 140 caloriesweating weight (light training) = 110 calories bicycle (less than 10 mph) = 145 calories dancing = 165 calories

A recent study noted that yoga - a popular morning activity - can help prevent the feared middle-aged spreading and even help unwanted pounds. The researchers analyzed normal men and women and overweight who practiced yoga regularly (at least a session of 30 minutes or more per week) for four years or more. He compared his weight with the weight of people who did not do yoga.

normal weight people who practiced yoga has won less than those who did not practice yoga. Overweight people who have practiced yoga lost an average of 5 pounds; Those who did not practice earn about 14 pounds.

The yoga effect may further see with the body awareness than the real calories burned during the average session, researchers say. During yoga practice, you are more aware of your body - which can request that you gave up eating when it is full.

Introduction in your exercise routine If you are really trying to lose weight and keep it, work towards a goal of 60 to 90 minutes of exercise more days of the week. But that's too much to ask someone who is just starting, says Thompson. If it is you, try in pieces of 10 minutes at first - several times a day, several days a week.

To get your morning exercise ritual, here are some tips.

Talk to a doctor first. If you have overweight and if you have risk factors for heart disease - high blood pressure, high cholesterol or family history of heart disease - get your doctor's OK before starting an exercise program, Thompson says.

Begin with walking. Define short-term goals - 10 minutes, 15 minutes, etc. Gradually increase the number of days. Walking a dog is great because it takes you for 20 minutes in the morning and then another 20 at night. "If I can get someone up to 45 minutes or an hour of exercise during the day, I consider that a great success," Thompson notes. "You can not ask someone to immediately start exercising for 90 minutes. You have to start with lifestyle changes and increase from there."

10 Min Best Morning Weight Loss Workout - Good Exercise For Weight Loss

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