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Thanksgiving: Skim Fat, Add Flavor

One of the many good things about Thanksgiving is that the traditional festive meal does not have to be unhealthy. There are much worse things to eat during the vacation than the turkey of white meat and vegetables. And what's even better, say experts, is that, leaving fat and adding flavor, you can make your Thanksgiving a day of good nutrition that your whole family will enjoy.

"from a nutritional perspective, there are little things you can do with your traditional recipes and the choices you make at parties and restaurants that can make a big difference in your nutrition, reducing calories and fat" , says Ellie Krieger, Dietary Registration and Host to live better, a syndicated television program on healthy cooking.

Krieger says there are many ways to add vegetables and healthy ingredients and rich in fiber to your favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

8 Week Fat Loss Meal Plan - Thanksgiving: Skim Fat, Add Flavor

8 Week Fat Loss Meal Plan
Be creative
Thanksgiving: Skim Fat, Add Flavor

Add pumpkin to soups, breads and even puree of potatoes for a special vacation flavor, she says.

Dietetic Association and Director of the Pittsburgh University Sports Medicine Nutrition Program. "Use this instead of adding fat to your mashed potatoes. In this way, you can cut 75% of the butter requested in most traditional revenues."

Loosen butter

It is also useful in fat bursting desserts is Appleeauce and pure plums in place of butter and oil.

"These as a fat substitute in the holiday biscuit or cake recipes," she says. "If you have a recipe that asks for five spoons of butter soup, you can reduce this for two tablespoons replacing the other three with the puree or apple sauce. In this way, you get the taste and texture of your favorite recipes , but you get less than half of fat, and you added nutrients and fibers. "

Small changes in ingredients can make exciting timeworn recipes.

"Use fat-free yogurt instead of cream dives," says Krieger. "Add oysters to fill for nice and additional iron taste, zinc and vitamin B12 in your diet. Prepare high fiber foods like spinach, winter cabbage and squash that you may not do normally. Sprinkle dill on vegetables instead of butter." / p>

Here are some tips for a lighter, but tasty thanks:

Use a cup of sauce or cool the pot juices and turn off the fat before making sauce - this saves it About 56 grams of fat per glass. Make filling with less bread and add more onions, celery, vegetables or even fruits like cranberries and apples. Cook fresh green beans with pieces of potatoes instead of cream soup. Top with almonds instead of fried onion rings.

and do not forget the sweet potatoes.

"packed with vitamin C and fiber and great flavor, sweet potatoes are excellent all year round, but they are especially good at the holidays," says Krieger. "Buy them packed in water, not heavy syrup. Mash and mix a little orange juice instead of butter. Children love them, and it's a great way to have everyone eating more vegetables."

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the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet