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Weight Lifting May Be OK After Breast Cancer

Weight survey may be gaining strength as an option for breast cancer survivors with swelling in your arms.

A new study challenges the belief that patients with breast cancer with lymphedema in their arms should avoid weight lifting.

Lymphedema is the accumulation of fluid that causes swelling. In patients with breast cancer, it may be a lasting side effect on the removal of lymph nodes during breast cancer surgery.

To worsen lymphedema, heavy lifting of any kind is typically discouraged for breast cancer survivors with lymphedema.

But the new study, published in the August 13 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that weight lifting can actually help survivors of breast cancer with lymphedema.

The study included 141 US women who have completed the treatment of breast cancer.

Half of women received a free association for a local health club and was trained by weight of surveys that were well informed about lymphedema.

for comparison, the other women were not invited to begin weight training, and they received a one-year pass to a health club only when the study ended.

Weight Loss From Lifting - Weight Lifting May Be OK After Breast Cancer

Weight Loss From Lifting

Women in the weight lifting group worked twice a week in their health clubs. They have made weight lifting exercises targeting the upper and lower body, as well as stretching, a cardio heating and exercises for abdominal and rear muscles.

Women wore custom compression clothes on their affected arm. His coaches ensured that weight lifting exercises were challenging but not very difficult.

Arm measurements taken throughout the study showed that women in the weight lifting group were no more likely than women in the comparison group to supply the arm swell 5% or more.

In fact, women in the weight lifting group reported greater improvement in their symptoms of lymphedema - and of course they also strengthen.

"These findings support the potential benefits of a slowly progressive weight lifting program in women with lymphedema related to breast cancer, together with the appropriate use of compression shopping parts and intimate monitoring Swelling of arm and hand ", write the researchers, who included Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH, from the University of the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

The study "provides strong guarantee on the safety of properly supervised weight training in women with a history of breast and lymphedema cancer," says an editorial also published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Editorial calls for more searches, including a cost analysis and ways to get the word on safe weight lifting programs for patients with breast cancer with lymphedema.

Weight Lifting May Be OK After Breast Cancer

LiveWell After Breast Cancer | Strength Workout #1 - Weight Loss From Lifting

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