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Why do Thrill Seekers Love Being Scared?

virtually everyone knows what it is to feel very frightened: a heartbeat. Faster breathing. Nervous sweating. Butterflies in the stomach.

but if this fear is caused by watching a horror movie biting Nail, listening to a spine cooling story, or ronding for a haunted dark night home on Halloween, some people They really enjoyed feeling frightened. They thrive on Friday 13 or romance King Stephen. They like roller coasters, maybe until the sky plunged. They yearn to Bejesus scared out of them.

of course, for the mere mortals among us who feel that we are likely to lose our lunch after only a glimpse of a slasher film, it may seem unimaginable that others really enjoy experiences panic button. But experts believe that it is not uncommon that individuals push the envelope, seeing how much they can tolerate and finally feel a sense of satisfaction when they are able to endure anxiety.

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Exploring the black side What is the appeal of the scare associated with scary stories? "There is a long history of people being intensely curious about the" black side ", and trying to understand this," says Frank Farley, PhD, Psychologist at the University of Temple. "Through movies, we are able to see horror in front of our eyes, and some people are extremely fascinated by this. They are interested in the unusual and bizarre because they do not understand and it is so different from our day-to-day lives."

Why Do Thrill Seekers Love Being Scared?

For more than two decades, Glenn Sparks, PhD, studied how men, women and children respond to terrifying media images. "Some people need to expose themselves to the sensations that are different from the routine," he says. "While experiencing a scary movie you can have some negatives, individuals usually get gratification because the experience is different."

several studies have shown that men like scary movies much more than females. "It's not that they really like being scared," says Sparks, communication professor at Purdue University. "But they have a great satisfaction to be able to say they conquered and dominated something that was threatening. They like the feeling that they" have achieved. ""

quite commonly at the end of the terrifying film, an individual can leave the theater with a deep sense of relief, adds sparks. "He can be happy that the movie was over."

According to Farley, some people enjoy the physical sensations that can accompany being afraid - from adrenaline to the heart of race for the transverse palm trees. In your studies of people who thrive in riding roller mountains, "there is almost nothing more, including sex, which can combine it in terms of the incredible sensory experience that the body is placed."

As for children, an event like Halloween can provide a nice and safe way to explore and experience fear, knowing that goblins and witches chasing their neighborhood are just believers. Leon Rapptoort, PhD, describes Halloween as something similar to an exorcism, allowing children to work and release emotions and anxieties.

"They are receiving the license to probe at least the superficial anxieties on magical transformations, which, in the imagination of a child, are not completely foreign," says Rappoport, professor of psychology of Kansas State University. "Experience provides a kind of relief as much as an exorcism can be said."

The scariest movies In recent years, if you are someone who also saves the images of scary movies, you certainly had much to keep you entertained. In 1998, the sparks performed a survey to determine which movies people consider the scarier they have ever seen. These so-called "seven deadlines" are screams, Friday 13, the brightness, halloween, nightmare on ELM street, exorcist and poltergeist.

Of course, some people prefer to avoid completely those or any other scary flicks - about a third of the population falls in this category, says sparks. For them, there is no redemptive value for stories that make them frozen in fear.

Sparks describes a woman in her thirty years who saw the silence of the lambs, and found the film so terrifying that she did not eat meat in the next six months. When the exorcist was initially released three decades ago, there were several cases of adults who experienced high levels of affliction that needed to be hospitalized.

However, for teenage boys, in particular, they can consider these types of movies to be a rite of passage, exposed to images and stories that were taboo when they were younger.

"Most of these films transgressions of conventional values ​​and morality," says Rappoport. "There is an attraction of its 'banned' nature, just as many teenagers want to know how to drink many beers, smoking cigarettes or drive their car very fast."

The best experience of fear for people who are simply not satisfied with the terrifying films of Run-of-The-mill or the tremor of Every day -in-your boot novels, New Yorkers can now take the fear factor for the next level. Revenue: Order your own "designer sequesting".

for a very heavy price (ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 4,000), a newly formed business in New York will arrange for you kidnapping, tied, gagged and maintained confined for hours or Days to instill so fear in you as possible. Specific turnarounds and turns from their own kidnapping can be customized depending on their own preferences and idiosyncrasies for personal terror.

From the end of October (2002), about three dozen people paid for the excitement of being clinging at a bus stop or in the mall, or even from his own room, played in the back seat of a car, blindfolded, taken to a warehouse, stripped down to the panties and hit around a little. It's all a masochist might want.

"This company apparently leads a 'pre-interview', discovers what your fears are and then plays in them," says Farley. "I see this as a very decadent indulgence. He is violent and very scary, but people will voluntarily do."

and a designer kidnapping business may be reaching a city near you. The young artist has become an entrepreneur who began this venture is contemplating the opening of similar or frightened operations in other parts of the country.

Why is being scared so fun? - Margee Kerr - Thrive Weight Loss Reviews

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