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Best Workout Plan For Weight Loss : Genetics May Personalize Quit-Smoking Methods

A new and personalized approach to smoking can someday help boost success rates by making some of the corresponding smoking guivations with available tools.

New search in the July-August edition of molecular medicine shows that your genetic profile combined with your nicotine dependency level can help guide treatment decisions and maximize your chances of kicking the habit forever.

How any ex-smoker or wannabe ex-smoker can attest, quit smoking is not easy. Fully 70% of 46 million USA. Smokers say they want to kick the habit, but less than 5% trying to make it cold turkey are successful after a year. When a smoker uses smoking cessation tools, such as nicotine stains, gum, inhalers or medications, your success rate can increase to less than 25%.

, PhD, director of Duke Center of Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Research in Durham, NC "different treatments work differently for different smokers, and this is the first step to be able to predict which treatments would be more successful in that smokers. "

Best Methods For Fat Loss - Genetics May Personalize Quit-Smoking Methods

Best Methods For Fat Loss
Scan for genetic markers

The researchers scanned 520,000 genetic blood markers of smokers who participate in several studies. Using this genetic information, they have created a "quit score score" or a number that can be combined with a smoker's nicotine dependency level to help predict if a 42 miiligram nicotine patch / 24 hours or a 21-milligram / 24 hours. Nicotine patch is more suitable. Nicotine dependence was evaluated by a questionnaire.

They tested this in 479 smokers with at least a half-package-a-day habit that wanted to give up. Participants were categorized as having high or low dependence on nicotine. Individuals with high dependency and low scores "based on their genetic profile improved with the high dose patch, showed the study. By comparison, individuals with low dependence on nicotine can give up using the lower dose patch.

"People who were highly dependent on nicotine and have had a better genotype in the upper dose patch," says Rose.

The next step is to expand the work and see how - and in whom - prescription smoking cessation drugs such as Chantix and Zyban fit.

Genetics May Personalize Quit-Smoking Methods

In the future, "all available aid could be brought into an algorithm that could determine which combination or individual mode would be better using genetic information and other characteristics of smoking behavior," he says.

It is not a gene that says this smoker will do better with this smoking cessation tool, but a group of genes that when together help to better guide treatment decisions, explains study study study George UHL , MD, PhD, chief of molecular research neurobiology at the National Institute of Drug Abuse in Baltimore.

"Some people have an easier time to give up than others, and this set of bookmarks helps to combine people with the right medication," he says.

"The individual differences in the ability to quit smoking are half genetic," he says. "There are several behavioral and pharmacological smoking tools that are effective, but none are totally effective [and] it would be good to know which [genetic] variants are selective for behavioral or medical approaches or both," he says. / p>. Combining medication for the individual

Scott McIntosh, PhD, director of the Cessation Center of the Grand Rochester Area and an associate professor of community and preventive medicine at the University of The Rochester medical center is all for this new individualized approach to smoking cessation.

"This is a great direction to enter because you can adapt the attempts, making sure to have the best medication for that person." He says.

There may be other genetic markers that can help point smokers for the most effective therapies, he says.

For example, "Someone who is very social can do better with a phone line or group counseling, while someone who is not so social can do better if they only received information on how to give up," he It says.

"There will be genetic markers for this type of thing," foresees McIntosh. "There is no single-size approach to smoking cessation, and this type of treatment correspondence can help doctors adapt even more approach," he says.

Genes influence on the effectiveness of treatments for smoking cessation - PhD research at Maastrich - Best Methods For Fat Loss

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