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Fat-Burning Receptor Found

Imagine throwing a switch that turns off the fat warehouse from your body and allows you to burn fat instead of storing it. Researchers say they found such a fat switch in mice that one day can lead to new treatments for obesity in humans.

A new study, published in the April 18 issue of Cell Magazine, shows that the cell receiver known as PPARD (peroxisome-activated receptor by proliferators) Regulates how fat is used in mice. When the receiver was activated, the rats burned fat. But when it was disabled, the rats earned fat and became obese.

The researchers found that rats with a ppard gene activated weighed about 20% less than normal mice, even if they have eaten the same food. The difference in body weight has become broader as aged mice. For a year, rats with the activated gene weighed 35% less than other rats.

Not only the mice with a PPARN activated gene did not become obese in a normal diet, but the researchers found that the mice burn fat also I have weight when Powered a high calorie and high fat diet.

Physiology Of Fat Loss - Fat-Burning Receptor Found

Physiology Of Fat Loss
The study also found that obese rats received short-term treatment with a molecule that activated the fat receptor gene experienced a dramatic fat loss.

"We know much that excess calories were stored in adipose fabric for future use," says Ronald M. Evans, from the Salk Institute and Howard Hughes Medical Institute in a news version.

"We also know that fat is released and consumed at times where energy is required, such as exercising or tremendous from cold exposure. This Study shows us that PPARD is an important regulator of this function, "says Evans.

learning more about exploring this gene, Evans says he hopes to develop new obesity treatments that will help people burn fat.

Fat-Burning Receptor Found

The Science of Fat Loss Explained - Physiology Of Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet