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Scientists have developed a new test that could accelerate gluten identification, a trigger for people with celiac disease.

Gluten-free foods are already in the market. But gluten can hide in products that people may not expect. People with celiac disease have to completely avoid gluten, and gluten tests are not needed from US food.

The new tests signal a gluten protein called Gliadin. It is faster and as sensitive as a test currently available, according to test developers, which are based in Spain and UK

these scientists, which included a graduate student Hossam Nassef da Universitat Rovira, from Spain, tested the Gliadin test on foods that contain gluten-free and gluten-free foods.

The new Gliadin test was "highly sensitive" and took only 90 minutes, compared to similar sensitivity of a currently available test that takes eight hours, Nassaf and the colleagues report.

The Nassef team is working to make the new Gliadin test, which is designed for food manufacturers, even faster. Meanwhile, they describe the new Gliadin test in the print edition of December 30, analytical chemistry and in the online edition of October 29.

Celiac Disease: Faster Gluten Test

Celiac Disease versus Gluten Sensitivity - Faster Way To Fat Loss App

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