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Weight-Loss Supplement Tied to Liver Failure Cases - Igf 1 Fat Loss

Best Natural Fat Loss Supplement - Weight-Loss Supplement Tied to Liver Failure Cases

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Consumers should stop using the Oxyelite Pro weight loss supplement because a number of people in Hawaii who used the product developed hepatitis, said US health officials.

in Hawaii, the state health department is investigating 29 hepatitis cases that resulted in 11 hospitalizations, two liver transplants and one death. Disease and prevention control centers are investigating whether the product is connected to other hepatitis cases across the country, USA today.

Health providers, public health agencies and emergency departments should watch for patients who develop acute hepatitis or hepatic impairment after using a dietary or muscle loss dietary supplement, the recommended CDC.

The agency also said that several people from states outside Hawaii developed acute hepatitis after taking oxyelitis pro or similar nutritional supplements. The CDC is working with state health departments to gather more information on these cases, reported today in the USA.

Oxyelite Pro is distributed by Dallas LLC USPLabs and sold across the country. The company told the management of food and drugs that believes that counterfeit versions of Oxyelite Pro are being marketed in the US, according to the FDA.

The company said it stopped the distribution of oxyelitis PRO with the top purple and oxyelitis to the term thermo dust until the investigation has been completed, the US reported today.

Weight-Loss Supplement Tied To Liver Failure Cases

More liver damage cases linked to OxyELITE Pro - Best Natural Fat Loss Supplement

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