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Childhood Tummy Aches May Be Tied to Adult Anxiety, Depression - 6 Weeks Fat Loss

by Denise Mann

Health reporter

Tummy Fat Loss - Childhood Tummy Aches May Be Tied to Adult Anxiety, Depression

Tummy Fat Loss
Monday, August 12 (Health News) - Stomach pain is a common childhood complaint, and now a new study suggests that you can put some children at a higher risk of anxiety or depression disorders as adults.

The researchers compared 332 young adults, with about 20 years, who had abdominal pain as children at 147 participants who do not. Of those who suffered from the pain in the stomach, 51 percent had an anxiety disorder during their life, and 30% had one currently. On the other hand, only 20% of adults without pain in the stomach when children had an anxiety disorder.

"A decade later, individuals who had stomach pain continued to have high rates of anxiety disorders, even if they had no more stomach ache," said the author of the study Lynn Walker, a pediatric professor of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn.

In addition, 40 percent of young men and women who had abdominal pain when children had depression during their life, compared to 16 percent of adults who had no pain in the stomach, according to The study, which was published online on August 12 and in the print edition of September of Pediatrics Magazine.

Childhood Tummy Aches May Be Tied To Adult Anxiety, Depression

In the study, social anxiety disorder - a paralyzing fear of being judged by others - occurred between a room of children with stomach ache.

Experts agreed that parents should seek to help help recurrent stomach pain to try to reduce the risk of anxiety and depression.

"Parents should take an active role in their child's life seeking medical attention and supporting advice to your child. This will avoid potential anxiety aggravation, and will help children learn better ways to Dealing with stressors that can exacerbate your pain, "said Dr. Scott Krakower, a children's psychiatrist and teenager at the Zucker Hillside hospital in Glen Oaks, NY

Parents should be chronic stomach pain from drip Said Dr. Sarah Rebstock, director of pediatric pain clinical medicine in children's national medical center in Washington, DC "referred early if his son has two weeks or more of stomach pain," she said. "Do not wait."

Although the tied study in the stomach of childhood to anxiety and adult depression, it did not establish a cause and effect relationship.

DR. Mark Lowenheim, a pediatric gastroenterologist at St. Charles, Port Jefferson, NY, was quick cautious that not every child who has abdominal complaints will need to see a mental health professional.

"certainly there is a subset of children who have abdominal pain that also have anxiety and depression, so it is not a surprise that they also have a greater incidence of anxiety and depression as adults, but this is not given ", he said.

Childhood Anxiety - Tummy Fat Loss

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