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Digital Breast Screening Best for Many Women - Wellbutrin Side Effects Weight Loss

Mammograms that depend on digital images are better than traditional films based on films to identify breast cancers in certain women, according to a new innovative study.

almost 43,000 women in the US and Canada participated in the study, which was the largest than always comparing the two methods of breast imaging.

Traditional mammography has been widely used for almost 40 years for the screen for breast cancer. Digital screening, in which images are stored by the computer instead of film, has been introduced in the US for six years.

hope was that the digital image would allow the detection of breast cancer more accurately in young women and other dense breasts, says the senior researcher of the study.

in a press conference, the university of the radiologist of North Carolina Etta Pisano, MD, said that this hope was performed.

"Now we have a good story to tell:" She says. "About 13 years after we start looking at this, we can say that Digital does a better job [in women with dense breasts]."

Dense breasts have less fat. Mammography movies with higher density are more difficult to read and interpret than less dense breasts.

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Who should go digital?

Regular regulation with traditional mammography has been shown to reduce the risk of dying of breast cancer by 30% or more in women with 50% and on. But the benefits are less clear for younger women with dense breasts, which make tumors more difficult to identify.

Digital imaging was considered better for dense breasts than movies based mammography because the image can be manipulated in more ways to find tumors.

The new study shows digital mammography improvement the accuracy of breast cancer detection in 15% in women under 50 years. The younger women are more likely to have dense breasts.

The slightly lower improvement was seen in women with 50 years or more in the study that still had dense breasts.

There was no advantage of cancer detection with digital screening between postmenopausal women who did not have dense breasts.

The discoveries should be published in the September 21 ENGLAND Journal of Medicine issue.

Digital Breast Screening Best For Many Women

National Specialist of the Cancer Institute Daniel Sullivan, MD, tells WebMD that the digital image has the potential to level the tracking field for women at 40 to 50 years and those with dense breasts.

"Digital mammography will give them the same result as other women can get from standard mammography," he says. "Thus, women in these groups should try to find digital mammography."

The technique is the same for traditional and digital mammography - involving mammary compression, which can be very uncomfortable for some women.

Accessing a problem Experts recognized that many women who would benefit from digital mammography will probably have access to the newest technology as they would like.

Only about 8% of US mammography screening systems are digital. Digital units are much more expensive than your counterparts based on movies and health facilities have reluctant to invest in machines without a clear reason to do so.

As a result, it is expected to overcome the offer for the near future.

Sullivan says there will certainly be an impulse to make more machines available in the light of the findings of the landmark.

"Next year, I think we'll see access to improve," he says.

Other advantages Another great advantage that digital mammograms have movie versions are that they are stored on a computer. As a result, they can easily be transmitted from the doctor to doctor, allowing much easier access to previous tests.

This access is fundamental because the changes in the breast of the year to year help radiologists identify tumors.

Physical Martin Yafé, PhD, was fundamental in the development of digital images. He said that computer aided diagnosis can improve the detection of breast cancer among women living in sparsely populated areas.

Yafé is a senior scientist at the Sunnybrook Hospital and Toronto Woman.

All agreed that, while digital screening can be ideal for some women, renouncing your regular mammography if you do not have access to the new technology is a bad idea.

The National Cancer Institute recommends screening annually or every two years for all women at 40 years or more. American cancer society requires annual screening.

"We do not want women to jump to be displayed because they can not stay digital," said Pisano, adding that cinematographic mammography has a long and proven history of effectiveness.

"Women really need to get one or one," she says.

3D Screening or Diagnostic Mammogram: What to Expect at Memorial Healthcare System - Best Supplements For Fat Loss For Women

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