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Fat Loss Bodyweight Workout : Is Your Skin Aging Faster Than You Are?

How well your face reflects your age depends on a combination of genetics and lifestyle.

"It seems that some people are genetically programmed to grow more slowly in relation to texture, tone and skin laxity," says Mary C. Massa, MD, Dermatology professor at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

"They are just lucky and should thank parents," says Massa. "I often see African Americans whose skin looks very young compared to age. Very fair individuals, thin seem more likely to develop lines on cheeks earlier."

Lifestyle factors that can accelerate the pace of aging skin includes smoking, use of tanning beds and sun exposure. The sun begins to leave his mark during the early years of life, says Tamara Lior, MD, president of the Department of Dermatology at the Cleveland Florida clinic.

"Freckles in small children are evidence of damage caused by the sun," she says the WebMD. In fact, the amount of sun you have as a child has a lot to do with the appearance of your skin today.

Faster Way To Fat Loss Vip - Is Your Skin Aging Faster Than You Are?

Faster Way To Fat Loss Vip
Quiz: Do you look at your age?

To find out if you look older than you are, take the test below. Keep in mind that results are based on typical skin characteristics for each age group. There is no universal pattern for aging skin, and appearances can vary widely among individuals of the same age.

For each category, choose the letter that best describes the current state of your skin.

  • Skin texture:
  • Fat and soft
  • Mainly smooth with some dry or squamous points
  • Uneven with rough spots and dryness becoming more common
  • and dry with some sagging along the mandible line
  • Dry and crepe-like with heavy flaccid and deep creases
  • skin tone :
  • Radiant and shining with most color
  • less radiant with some discoloration of sun exposure
  • less radiant with moderate discoloration (such as corrections of small brown points)
  • dull with stained color, uneven color and well-defined age spots
  • dull and "pasty" with numerous age and / or yellowish discoloration
  • Thin lines
    Is Your Skin Aging Faster Than You Are?

    Questionnaire results If you chose mainly: your skin is typical of a person in your: a's20sb's50sc's40sd's50se's60

    in its 20 years

    Potion Antiaging No. 1 For all age groups it is, of course, sunscreen. For people in their 20s, they still need to see much evidence of sun damage, it may be tempting to skip the daily application. But Liory says earlier you get to use sunscreen, more damage you can prevent. If you want to avoid an extra step in your morning routine, look for makeup or moisturizers that include a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher.

    Lior also recommends that people in their 20 years begin to be exhibited for pre-cancerous lesions. "Early Actinic Callers begin to appear in the 1920s and 30s, particularly in light-skinned people who spend a lot of time in the sun. Some of these people will actually have premature skin cancer, which is the scary part."

    If found early, the actinic kernates can be removed before having the chance to become carcinogenic. The American Academy of Dermatology describes them as rough, red and scaly patches, or crusts commonly found on the sides of the forehead, the ears, the scalp of bald men and the back of the hands. The lesions vary from the size of a head to larger than a room. While skin cancer is hardly in the minds of most young adults, the dough says it is never too early to start checking your skin. "Examine your own skin once a month and if you see anything changing or new, get it checked."

    in your 30s "p>" 30 years are often worried about keeping your skin healthier, more radiant and even more in color, "says WebMD." They can Note more brown spots related to sun exposure or may feel that their skin has a dead appearance. "

    One way to improve skin tone is to look for products containing retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids. These products are available at the counter, although stronger solutions require a prescription. For more dramatic results, mass says: "light chemical peels can make skin softer, more radiant and more refreshed."

    Lior agrees. "The brightness or children of the radiácium have - you lose over time, because your cells do not come very often. Chemical peels can help in this exfoliation process. They allow brightness and brightness to appear by discharging the older cells in the Top. "

    In addition to changes in the tone of the skin, mass says that people in their 30 years can perceive their first wrinkles. "We see many people in the late 1920s or early 1930s who are beginning to see the best lines around their eyes. They are beginning to see the folds between the eyebrows." She says she is not uncommon that women in this age group request Botox injections to soften lines on top face. "Botox is a very appropriate treatment for those who are starting to be bothered by lines between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead lines and raven feet. However, it is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfed."

    in its 40 years "In the 1940s, everything is achieved," says Massa. "The skin is a lot of lamp, not so smooth, not so bright. There are more problems with pigmentation as the sun exposure really reaches with them. There are complaints on the lines around the eyes, lines on the forehead, lines around the mouth. The corners of the mouth tend to get a little down, making them look sad when they are not. The lips look smaller. The skin begins to give in. "

    But the mass insists 40 - Something does not have to Take all this lying down. There are chemical peels even out of the skin tone, Botox for lines around the eyes, and fillings like hyaluronic collagen or acid for lines around the mouth. The shrunken lips can be increased. For flaccid skin, mass recommends finishing, a procedure that uses heat to tighten and tone the skin without surgery.

    In its 50 years In its 50 years, mass says: "All things that have reached 40 are deeper and more intense. Thin lines on the cheeks become more than one problem. Lines of the nose for the mouth or corners of the mouth - marionette lines - become deeper. Old points become more common. "

    The old stains on the face or hands can be treated with bleaching agents, chemical peels, lasers or liquid nitrogen. Using sunscreen can prevent new spots from forming. As for lines, Botox and Filler products remain an effective option, but laser skin resurfacing can provide more dramatic results. Massa says superficial laser treatments or "non-foundation" can stimulate collagen formation and rejuvenate skin without a long recovery period. "A series of these treatments can soften fine lines on the cheeks, on the upper lips or under the eyes."

    Lior says patients with deep wrinkles and severe solar damage may want to consider the most aggressive carbon dioxide (CO2) laser resurfacing. This technique uses a high energy laser beam to vaporize external skin layers, revealing fresh skin below. After several weeks of healing, the patient usually has more tight skin with less wrinkles and less discoloration.

    in its 60 years People in their 60 years and besides tend to have loose and flaccid skin that may seem crepe or pebbles. A creamy yellow discoloration is common in just people of this age, as well as wrinkles that extend beyond the eyes and areas of the mouth. "There are many more complaints about lines on the cheeks," says Massa. "Filling products can soften these lines" as well as laser treatments.

    Massa says most strategies for rejuvenated skin in the 1940s and 50 can also work for people in their 60s. "The 60's are a very vibrant time to do all this. Sixty today is not like it was in the last generation. People are still working and want to get good for 60 years."

    At any age If you are unhappy with how your skin is aging, the Lior Council is "to start applying sun protection, lose tan and quit smoking. "Then check with your dermatologist to see what procedures can be right for you. "To one point, you can return the clock and rejuvenate the skin."

    mass adds that returning the clock does not require more surgery. "People have many options to fix problems that are bothering them. The number of options continues to grow, and the products are safer, better and more versatile than in the past."

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    9 Reasons Why Your Skin Is Aging Faster Than Normal - Faster Way To Fat Loss Vip

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