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Proteins Increase Muscle Mass in Mice

The secret to increasing muscle mass may not be just a matter of sweating in the gym.

gaining muscle mass can also be related to two proteins - myostatin and follistatin - according to new work of johns hopkins university scientist se-jin lee, md, phd.

Lee studied Genetically designed mice that could not do any myostatin, but did a lot of follytatin. These rats have developed four times more muscle mass than normal mice, Lee reports.

Lee photographed the normal mice alongside muscular mice. Let's just say that if the push came to push, normal mice have better speed on the side, since they would lose strength competitions paws.

Genetically modified rats have curling the muscles jumped from their necks to their paws, surpassing the muscles of normal mice.

but, larger, does not necessarily mean better. Lee did not follow the overall health of rats.

Lee's purpose was not just to build mega muscles in mice. He is looking for biochemical regulators of muscle mass body.

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Muscle mass regulators can be useful for treating people with diseases that make the muscles waste, Lee notes.

Myostatin had already been signaled as a fundamental protein involved in muscle mass. Lee's new study shows that Follistatin also plays a role in muscle mass. Other proteins can also affect muscle mass, and Lee is looking for these proteins, too.

Lee's Follistatin Study and the photos of the mouse appear in tomorrow's edition of the Public Science Library.

Proteins Increase Muscle Mass In Mice

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet