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The Smart Way to Snack

When you get to fish in your pocket for the move to the vending machine, stop! Most people feel the need for a "little thing" now and then during a busy day, but taking a second for "Snack Smart" will save time, calories and even money.

"Available," Laurie A. Higgins, MS, RD, a pediatric nutritional educator at Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, says WebMD, "People do not take any of them and end up picking up the fast thing is easy ". This may be the worst, greasy, the spare-caloric abomination in the face of the earth (ok, donut).

You know yourself, says Higgins, you know your age, weight, disease status (diabetes, low level of blood sugar), food allergies, if you are pregnant or not. It is up to you to select the snack that fits your individual needs and on the occasion. A size (and gooshy or crisp mouth) does not fit at all.

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Faster Way To Fat Loss Mlm
Snack with a purpose

If you are a dining eater, look at your feeding pattern, Roberta Larson Duyff, MS, RD, author of the Dietary American The Complete Food and Nutritional Guide of the Association tells WebMD. "It can be a snack - for you - it's a fourth meal or a good way to get a nutrient you've lost. Think about it that way."

What are a few moments of common snacks, and what can you use to fill them (and yourself)?

When you need an awakening or swallowing energy. It is smart eating a small breakfast of carbohydrates and protein (cereals, egg, milk), says Duyff. It's up to OK for most people to have a sensible amount of coffee, she says. "Have a latte with milk; so you get a protein hit," she says (a candy bar will not give you the impulse you want, she notes). Higgins also advises with milk or proteins such as peanut or cottage cheese.

Before leaving the office to a meeting. If you do not know when lunch is coming and you need to be at the top of your game, a piece of fruit or piece of cheese is good. "Some people, especially young people, have lunch early, then the morning snacks may not be needed, says Higgins.

The Smart Way To Snack

Before working out. "The term 'cargo carbo' refers to hours before a sporting event," Audrey T. Cross, PhD, Nutrition Professor at Columbia Public Health Mailman School, WebMD Account. "But before - especially after a day's work - you may want to prepare the bomb with a piece of fruit and a large glass of water."

After school or work. Depending on when dinner is scheduled, many people need a bit of nutrition when they get home. The pediatric nutrition expert Higgins recommends teenagers who are eating a late dinner or running back to athletic events eat a small meal consisting of a sandwich and a glass of milk - regardless of being diabetic or not. "Otherwise, young people come home and eat all the way up to dinner, a biscuit, cracker, a soda; they are never satisfied. A sandwich is better."

Smart snacks on a diet

When you are cutting calories. Even teenagers can read labels, says Higgins. Popcorn, pretzels or roasted plugs can be a good snack - in moderation. Put the rest on a high shelf. Cutting vegetables also make you work hard to chew and be satisfactory. Cross recommends rice cakes with a little wake up of peanut butter or cheese. "You're less likely to stay hungry an hour later," she says.

during the TV time. "I'm not in favor of eating while watching TV," says Cross. "Have you watched anyone while the TV is on? They are not tasting anything. They just need an activity to do while looking, and eating became popular."

When you go out with friends. Sometimes it's also popular to "go for dessert" or get a snack with your friends. Cruz recommends splitting a dessert. "If you can get ice cream or die for chocolate pie, take a spoon or divide it," she says. "The real reason to get out is to be with your date or friends - not the food."

in the cinema. The films are an example of an activity tied the food instead of time of day. "Why is that it?" Duyff asks. "When we sit on the computer, we need a drink. When we go to the movies, we need popcorn. We need to change our mentality."

Before celebrating. "It's an urban myth you can cover your stomach with milk before drinking," Ri Duyff. "If there is a lot of food, she adds, you can focus on eating instead of being with your friends and socializing. In this case, it may be best to have a snack beforehand to take the edge. A biscuit and cheese or those small carrots are good choices ". (Remember, Duyff says, half a bottle of wine can contain up to 500 calories. In fact, Cross recommends drinking an equal amount of water after each beverage.)

on the plane. Call in advance and see if the food is being supplied, Cross advises. If not, she brings a sandwich on board. Nothing salty or your feet may swell. "Coffee or other diuretic can mean more trips to the bathroom," adds a cross. "Water is good, and make it a juicy sandwich with tomatoes."

Before sleeping. People who eat dinner early can be hungry at bedtime. The milk contains tryptophan, which makes some people sleepy. On the side, Duyff says, chocolate ice cream can be a bit buzzy and keep it awake. Chai tea can be soothing, says Cross. Too much eat and lie down heartburn on some people, then be careful.

When traveling. Wise travelers bring peanut wafers packed or other small nashes, such as tuna cans, in the case of restaurants are closed (forget those mini bars).

If you want to plan in advance and remove temptation, says Higgins, check out some regular online snack options. You can go to the McDonald's website (search for "nutrition"), for example, and scope out the calorie and carboil count on the new offers. She does this with her diabetic customers.

Although it is difficult to "snackify", it is relaxing and smoothes stress.

But and snacking against boredom? "Boredom or stress," says Duyff, "Should not signal time to eat." How about walking the dog or dancing around for a CD? Today it can be a celery cane, but tomorrow a whole bowl of something.

"A succulent ice cream bowl or a juicy peach should be appreciated" Duyff adds. "That means every bite."

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the smoothie diet
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