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Weight Loss Program Food : The Fast Diet Review: What to Expect

The promise

"Quick", in this case, is not about speed. It's about fasting.

This diet, which started at U.K., cuts your calories so drastically 2 days a week that you are basically fasting. This is not safe for everyone, so you should check with your doctor if you are considering experiencing you.

. Quick diet says you should not fast if you are pregnant or underweight, or if you have a history of disorders or diabetes, and that you should check with your doctor first if you take medication. The diet is also not recommended for children, adolescents, fragile elderly, or anyone who is not feeling well or has fever.

The basic concept behind the quick diet by Michael Mosley, MD, and Mimi Spencer is to eat normally for 5 days a week and eat very restricted calories in the other 2 days.

Mosley tried this diet "intermittent fast" when his doctor showed that although he was just a few pounds on the weight, his cholesterol was high and his blood sugar was going in the wrong direction. He writes that he knew that fasting would be difficult, but his hunger pains passed faster than he expected. He also felt that the fast chased his senses and his brain. In addition, the diet delivered all the results he expected.

On your site, the Nutrition and Dietetics Academy says that although there are evidence that intermittent fasting diets can help prevent chronic disease, more research is needed. Do not recommend the diet because "it is not a realistic long-term solution." The gym also notes that "any fast variation can make an irritable person, causes daytime drowsiness / insomnia at night, and can even lead to dehydration."

Fast Fat Loss Tips - The Fast Diet Review: What to Expect

Fast Fat Loss Tips
What you can eat and what you can not

You normally eat 5 days a week and fast for the other 2 days. Your fasting days should not be back; You must have at least 1 normal day to eat between them.

During your fast days, you can eat but not much. Women receive 500 calories per day; Men win 600. This is much less than what is usually recommended. Depending on age, gender and how active you are, you may need three or four times more calories.

. The quick diet encourages you to eat lean protein, vegetables and fruits on fast days, usually like two small meals plus some snacks.

A typical 500 calorie fast day can include oats with fresh blueberries for breakfast, a tangerine for a snack, and a chicken and vegetable meals for dinner. You will drink lots of water and can also have drinks without calories such as tea, coffee (no milk or sugar), and soda from the club.

In your 5 "days off", you can eat anything. Surprisingly, the research team that studied the diet has discovered that people do not fall out of the days.

. The quick diet strongly discourages the drink alcohol on fasting days and suggests that if you drink in your "days off", you drink only in moderation. And once you reach your goal of weight loss, 1 day of fasting per week is recommended for maintenance.

The Fast Diet Review: What To Expect

Stress Level: Medium

. Cooking and shopping: You will cook or eat as usual on days off, and with a very restricted menu on fast days. The book provides a month of fasting menus and recipes.

. Packed food or meals: No.

. In-person Meetings: No.

. . Exercise: Quick diet recommends exercise, but the diet site Caues you should not try to make a lot of resistance training on fast days, and stop if you feel uncomfortable.

Enables restrictions or dietary preferences?

You can adjust the plan for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free needs on fasting days. But the book does not give you specific plans for these diets.

What else you should know

. Cost: Just your purchases.

. Support: You do this diet on your own, but you will find many tips and discussion forums online.

What Dr. Michael Smith says:

. Does it work?

Even though many health experts do not recommend fast, if you will do this, the authors of this plan are right. Eating 500-600 calories a couple of days a week will be difficult, but it is feasible.

One reason experts tell people who do not cut the way back into calories is that it can slow down your metabolism, making it even harder to lose weight. But studies show that fasting from time to time can be an effective strategy for weight loss. Also, cut calories in a few days instead of every day can help preserve the muscle, then you lose mainly fat.

Mosley's team discovered that people do not overcome the days not fasting. Other surveys suggest that they may be right. But it is ultimately to ensure that you do not sabote your weight loss efforts on the days "off".

. Is it good for certain conditions?

If you have diabetes, this is not absolutely the weight loss plan for you. It could be dangerous, especially if you take medicine, and lower your blood sugar into an unsafe territory - even deadly.

For others, there are some initial studies that show that they can help improve some risk factors for heart disease, including blood pressure and cholesterol. Although any weight loss plan that drops the pounds, it will probably have this effect.

Converse with your doctor before trying a fasting diet. This approach could put extra stress in your body.

. The final word

If fasting interests you, the quick diet is a decent approach. It will take some serious willpower, but if you are ready for the challenge, it can work. It is definitely not intended for everyone, so do not ignore the warnings.

It can also be difficult to stay in the long run. But try it to see if it suits you is a decent plan. There is another plan in the back pocket if you or your body tires of this approach.

- Fast Fat Loss Tips

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet