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What to Know About Fenugreek for Hair Growth

Fenugreek is an herb that is often used in cooking and medicine. It is also used as homemade remedy to promote hair growth.

Although there is some evidence that the hay-Greek can prevent hair loss, researchers still do not know if the fenugreek really promotes hair growth. Read to learn more about Feno-Greek, its benefits, risks and more.

Fenugreek Weight Loss - What to Know About Fenugreek for Hair Growth

Fenugreek Weight Loss
What is phenuric?

Feno-Greek is a native grass from southern Europe, Mediterranean and West Asia. It looks similar to clover and has seeds that I like and smell like board syrup.

Many cultures use hay-greek in medicine and cook. In Asian, Southern Europe, and North African traditions has been used to treat diabetes and help with breastfeeding.

in medicine Ayurvedic and Chinese, Feno-Greek has been used to increase digestion and induce labor. It is also used to improve health and general metabolism.

Today, Feno-Greek is still used by some as a dietary supplement for menstrual cramps, diabetes and promote the production of milk for breastfeeding.

What To Know About Fenugreek For Hair Growth

Fenugreek and hair growth Some people also used hay-greek to promote hair growth, although search if it can actually do it has been limited.

Some early surveys have shown that hay-greek seeds can treat low to moderate hair loss in men and women. As it can work is not clear, but some think that the hay-greek stimulating the blood circulation has something to do with it.

Several compounds of plants in fenugreek can interact with a chemical in the body that is known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone). If the DHT connects to the hair follicles, the result, sooner or later, would be hair loss. Fenugreek can slow down the DHT capability to attach to your hair follicles.

An animal study also showed that a herbal oil mixed with hay-Greek seed extract can increase thickness and hair growth.

Although these studies show a relationship between the use of hay-greek and the ability to stop hair loss, more studies, especially human studies, are needed to determine if and how the hay-Greek can help to cultivate hair.

How to use Hay-Greek

Meanwhile, if you want to try using phenuric to promote hair growth, you have two choices. You can use it in cooking or apply it to your scalp directly.

Using phenuérego in cooking. Fenugreek is safe for most people in the amount found in food. But you should avoid it if you have a chickpeas or peanut allergy.

Applying fenugreek directly to the scalp. Topical applications come in powder shape.

Hay-Greek Usage Risks There are some risks of using Fen-Greek, which include:

  • Headaches
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • Other digestive questions

If you take a big dose Feno-Greek, you can go through a sudden drop in blood sugar. Hay-Greek can also be toxic to your liver if you take alone or with other herbs.

If you are pregnant, do not use Hay-Greek. It is not safe for use during pregnancy other than in quantities of trait in food. Using hay-greek while pregnancy can lead to greater chances of congenital defects.

Other ways to promote hair growth

Since there is not enough proof that the hay-greek promotes hair growth and herb has a fair portion From side effects, here are some other ways to try to retain or grow hair.

Have a healthy diet. If you are losing your hair, you can have a nutrient deficiency, which means you are not eating well enough. You can also lose your hair because it has a lot of a certain type of nutrient.

It is very important to eat a balanced and healthy diet. One study suggested that rich diets in fresh herbs and salad, such as Mediterranean diet, can reduce the risk of male baldness or baldness of female standard.

You should also eat protein foods - which is composed of amino acids - to promote hair growth. A study showed that some people with hair loss have diets with certain amino acids.

Protein-rich foods include:

  • Meat, especially poultry and red meat
  • Lentils
  • Salmon and other fatty fish

Before you start taking nutrients for hair loss, make sure you talk to your doctor about your symptoms, medical history and your goals health. They will guide you from what you need to do to avoid hair loss and increase hair growth.

Have a healthy balance of work and life. Stress can worsen your hair loss.

One study indicated that higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, can lead to hair loss weakening their hair follicles.

As such, you should try to attack a good work and life balance. You can do it pausing throughout the day if possible, and doing more exercises. Any form of exercise, be yoga or jogging, can help relieve stress.

- Fenugreek Weight Loss

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