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Young Wrestlers Fast, Sweat to Make Weight

Before high school and college can face your opponents in the ring, they must first beat one in the locker room - the scales that determine if they are eligible to compete in a particular weight class . In order to make the weight they want, many of these young athletes are using fasting, dehydration, diet pills and laxatives like ways to lose weight quickly.

how widespread is this potentially deadly practice? A recent wrestlers study in Michigan High Schools found 7 of 10 used at least one weight loss method possibly harmful every week from the wrestling session - and little more than half of them used at least two methods every week. About a room of the young fighters lost 10 pounds or more during the season, and 11% fasted more than 24 hours before a match.

The study was published in the May edition of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercises.

"This study reinforces what we have known for years," the lead author Robert Kiningham, MD, says WebMD. "As previous studies analyzed elite fighters, highly compromised, we look at everyone. Disturbing, we find the same percentage of harmful behaviors as previous studies of elite wrestlers, suggesting that these behaviors are widespread."

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Kiningham is an assistant clinical teacher and director of the sports medical medicine program at the University of Michigan Medicine School in Ann Arbor.

Many fighters try to compete in an unrealistic weight class because they believe this gives them a competitive advantage, says Doug Andersen, DC, Consultant Nutrition for the performance and sports of West Coast Sports Medication consultants in Manhattan Beach, California and Nutritionist for the Los Angeles Kings Hockey team.

"First, fighters should qualify for a weight class," he says. "If you skip a meal on the day beforehand in order to drop two or three pounds, this is one thing. But when someone tries to abandon huge amounts of weight, 10 pounds or more, we are worried. While they may not have a diet Disorder in the strict sense, they certainly have a disordered feeding. "

Young Wrestlers Fast, Sweat To Make Weight

"In 1997, three healthy men in university age died because they were trying to do weight for the wrestling team, using similar quick weight loss schemes based on dehydration . The fighters put in non-impermeable clothes and exercise hard, and then do not rehydrate. This is dangerous, "says Samantha Heller, MS, RD, senior clinical nutritionist at the New York University medical center and a physiologist. exercise.

short-term studies have found that fast weight loss can lead to a decline in the ability to clearly think, loss of strength and athletic energy, and humor changes, Heller it says. No one knows if there are long-term effects, because long-term studies have not been made.

The authors of the study of Michigan conclude saying: "Changing these entrenched behaviors will require a unified effort by coaches, administrators, parents and fighters along the sport. "

however, some coaches do not see any need for change.

Wrestlers have a short-term goal, to make their weight, "says Dick Bellock." They may not eat for a day, but all of us We jumped meals from time to time. Teenage kids get hungry. They do weight, they certainly eat later; This is not necessarily compulsion to eat. "

Bellock wrestled in high school and in college and is now the athletic director of McKay High School in Salem, Pray.

Bob Ferraro agrees.

"We already have security measures in place "says Ferraro, executive director of the National High School Coaches Association, based on Easton, PA." Every fighter must be examined by a doctor, and the doctor determines the weight class that Wrestler will compete. These issues have already been addressed. "

Andersen, however, believes that the changes are required.

"Today, fighters weigh - in hours before or the day before departure. They must have to weigh only beforehand. If anyone had to fight in a dehydrated state, weak as kitten, they would not like. "

as the data were collected for the study of Michigan, the state instituted a new program Using mandatory weight patterns based on a percentage measured body fat. Kiningham expects the new program to be effective in the limitation of pressures in young fighters to engage in unhealthy weight loss behaviors in order to compete.

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